All About The Senegalese Born TikTok Star Khaby Lame


I am sure you have come across a couple of videos of a fine young man humorously depicts the balance between how people complicate easy tasks and how they could have been done with so much ease.

Mostly on Tik-tok or probably on other platforms through sharing. What makes these videos more interesting is the way he doesn’t talk. But he makes gesture to express his concerns and the people just love him.

Well, His name is Khaby Lame, a 21-year-old senegalese born Tik Toker based in Italy. And like i said earlier, he became popular for short comedy videos where he absurdly points out simple tasks that are complicated for no reason at all. He then performs the same activity with so much ease.

After every reaction video, Khaby Lame releases, he normally will stretch forth his open arms in regards to whatever he is reacting to…that is the only behaviour he employs to send his silent message across.

There is no way one will open the Tik Tok app without noticing a video from khaby lame who says nothing in his videos yet gets large number of viewers. 

These are all you need to know about the TikTok star.

Some quick facts about Khaby Lame

  • During the pandemic in March 2020, Khaby Lame was laid off as a factory worker.
  • Khaby Lame posted his first TikTok video on March 15, 2020
  • Khaby Lame is just the second person to reach over 100 million followers on Tik Tok. The other person is Charli D’Amelio with over 150 Million followers on TikTok
  • The TikTok star, Khaby Lame has amassed more than 1.5 billion likes on his views, grossing an average of 44 million views on each video.
  • Khaby Lames earns between $50,000 and $200,000 per branded post. Khaby Lame is now worth over $2 Million.
  • All these accomplishments all just within 17 months after losing his job.

Who Is Khaby Lame?

Khaby Lame is a 21 year old Senegalese born in March, 2000. Some may say he is an Italian of Senegalese descent. But the same goes for him since his family left Senegal for Italy before he turned a year old. He has been in Italy for quite some time.

Khaby Lame is the second most followed Tik Toker in the world. The study trend tells that very soon, he will take the number one position from Charli D’Amelio who has close to 160 million followers.

The TikToker is a Senegalese who speaks English and Italian. One might think he isn’t good enough in the italian language but Khaby Lame’s interview on his YouTube channel revealed that he speaks Italian fluently.

Khaby Lame’s girlfriend is called Zaira Nucci. She is an artist who lives in Chivasso. Technically, she is among the best Instagram and social media stars in her country. Although most people presume Zaira Nucci to be Khaby Lame’s wife, they are yet to marry. Nevertheless, not much has been said concerning their relationship, but their social media post shows things are going fine.

According to Net Worth Idea, Khaby Lame’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. He makes more money online. He has leveraged social media to make a name for himself. Apart from being an influencer, he is a model for the popular magazine DLuiRepubblica. Khaby Lame’s story proves to show that when one door closes, another opens when dedication and perseverance is appropriately utilized. From a laid-off worker to an online star.

How Khabby Lame’s TikTok Journey started

Khaby Lame, who is now a TikTok star, used to work in a factory in Chivasso, Italy, a small town in the Turn district, unfortunately he lost his job off as a worker somewhere in March 2020 during the pandemic. Forcing him to return to his family’s home. That was when he first started on the social media app TikTok.

But, as the Senegalese sensation explained to The New York Times, he chose to devote his full attention to TikTok instead of getting a so-called “real job,” and it was the best decision he’d ever made.

“It’s my face and my expressions that make people laugh,”

he told the outlet, adding that his calm demeanour is a “universal language.”

Whether or not you understand what he’s saying, Khaby Lame has definitely discovered a winning formula. He has over 100 million followers on the micro-video app, and according to one site, someone like him can charge anywhere from $1 million to $2 million per post because of his dedicated, engaged audience.

Fast forward, Khaby Lame is plausibly the superstar of Tik Tok with over 100 million followers. Khaby Lame has made a huge fortune from his Tik Tok, he is presently worth over $2 million.

“Depending on the individual’s level of influence, companies pay around $200 to $20,000 per branded video promoted by influencers,”

says Influencer Marketing Hub, a long-established company that specialises in social media sponsorship attainment.

Khaby Lame Videos That Made Him Go Viral.

  • Chill, please! I’m relaxing – 114 Million
  • Lol! Open the door this way – 111 Million
  • You’ve learned quickly my move – 103 Million
  • From Idol to Uncle it’s a moment – 96.9 Million
  • Girls, What are you doing? – 89.4 Million
  • Easy! Water in the bowl – 88.7 Million
  • Sista, Peeling banana is easy! – 85.3 Million

As of August 2021, the complete number of views Khaby Lame’s video on Tik Tok has pulled is over 1.5 billion. Khaby Lame presently has over 103 Million followers on Tiktok.

As it turns out, Khaby Lame is not only famous on Tik Tok. On Instagram, he has over 35 million followers with majority of his videos hitting over 5 million views. The next time you want to try out a new talent, let Khaby lame be your motivation. With the right level of determination and drive you can achieve anything.