Ali Bongo promises to “physically present” for next Gabon elections


Gabonese President Ali Bongo gives a rare live public appearance at his party’s congress, on Saturday. The Gabonese Democratic Party also celebrated its 54th anniversary.

The Gabonese president gave a new live public appearance on Saturday.

Four years after Ali Bongo Odimba suffered a stroke, he adressed hundreds of supporters gathered in Libreville to celebrate the 54th anniversary of his party.

Dear comrades 2023 is fast approaching I will be there with you.The only outcome will be victory, a victory, a clear and indisputable victory, in order to complete the work we’ve we have begun.

If he has not yet announced his bid for the next presidential elections, he makes no secret of his ambitions and may well be the next Gabonese Democratic Party’s candidate.

Gabonese will vote to elect their president and their lawmakers In 2023.

Following his stroke, president Ali Bongo Odimba spent long months recovering. And during his first appearances were recorded and he had to lean on a cane, raising questions on his succession.