Algeria to Miss the 2022 African Land Forces Summit


The event will see African leaders meeting with US Army representatives and defense contractors.

Rabat – Algeria is expected to be absent from this year’s African Land Forces Summit, which will take place for a week starting on March 24, sources have told MWN. 

The event will see land force commanders and representatives from more than 40 African countries are set to attend the event, where they will meet with top officials from the US Army for training and partnership building.

The summit will also be welcoming private businesses and defense contractors to meet with the participating army leaders to negotiate partnerships and potential collaborations.

Algeria could be one of the few countries not in attendance this year.

The news comes as the Algerian regime continues to face diplomatic isolation. Spain’s support of Morocco’s autonomy plan for Western Sahara is the latest in a list of international actions that have left Algeria isolated in disarray as its diplomacy continues to lose many crucial strategic battles. 

The one-week-long African Land Forces Summit is organized by the US Army’s Southern European Task Force, Africa, and will take place in Columbus, Georgia, starting on March 24.

Algeria also refused to supply Europe with gas through the Maghreb pipeline following US pressure earlier this month, according to reports from Sky News.

The gas supply could have helped ease the shortage that came from the dependence on Russian gas supplies.