African Union and CISSA Join Forces to Reinvigorate Security Initiatives


The African Union Commission (AU) has partnered with the Committee of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa (CISSA) to convene a three-day technical-level consultation in Nouakchott, Mauritania, aimed at revitalizing the Nouakchott and Djibouti Processes. This event is hosted in collaboration with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

The Nouakchott and Djibouti Processes were initially established to address security threats in the Sahelo-Sahara and Horn of Africa/East Africa regions, respectively.

Commencing on Sunday, November 5, this meeting brings together Member States and Parties involved in both the Nouakchott and Djibouti Processes, as well as Member States of the Accra Initiative. Additionally, it assembles Regional Economic Communities, Regional Mechanisms, and a range of security stakeholders operating in these regions.

The primary goal of this joint consultation meeting is to confront the escalating terrorism threat, fostering a shared understanding of its extent and seriousness. The meeting also aims to establish mechanisms for enhanced information and intelligence sharing and cooperation.

Officials have indicated that these discussions will identify strategies to assist Member States in addressing critical security threats. The expected outcome will be a collective agreement on modalities and a cooperation roadmap for the year 2024.

This meeting represents a crucial step towards strengthening regional security efforts and addressing the intricate and evolving security challenges confronting the Sahelo-Sahara and Horn of Africa/East Africa regions.