About 15 feared dead after car crash in Shama – Ghana


About 15 persons onboard an Accra-bound Ford vehicle from Tarkwa is believed to have died in a car crash at Asem Asa in the Shama District, near the boundary between Western and Central Regions.

A number of bodies at the scene of the accident were left charred after the crashed bus caught fire.

According to an eyewitness, the accident occurred after a truck lost control and burst its tyre in an attempted overtaking, and crashed into the Ford, which was paving way for an oncoming truck.

The eyewitness, who only gave his name as Kweku, said the two vehicles finally caught fire, resulting in the burning of the passengers of the Ford carrying mainly Chinese nationals.

“Nobody in the ford was able to get out. They were all burnt,” he said.

The eyewitness also complained that it was difficult to get the police to the scene of the crash.

“We had called the police, but they didn’t come, so all the people in the bus, none, were saved. They all died.”