3 men bag 155 years Jail term for Albino murder


A Malawian court on Wednesday sentenced three men to 155 years in jail for killing a person with Albinism.

Among the culprits is the man’s uncle who together with two other individuals confessed to killing the victim.

The three men aged 44,45 and 71 revealed they committed the atrocity in January this year.

Malawi, just like other countries in the sub-Sahara Africa has been witnessing several cases of murder gruesome attacks and killings of people with albinism, with the belief that the use of their body parts brings good luck and success.

Victims are usually murdered and bodies mutilated and later sold to various witch doctors for special rituals.

Since 2014, Malawi has seen more than 170 cases of gruesome murder, harassment and violence directed toward people living with albinism.

Earlier this month, another court convicted a catholic priest, a police officer, a doctor and 9 other individuals over the murder of a person living with albinism.

They were all charged with murder, extracting human tissues, causing harm to a person with a disability, and trafficking in persons.

The incident took place in 2018 when Masambuka went missing in March and his body was later found buried in April 2018.

The high court is expected to issue a ruling on May 30.