2m Nigerians Still Living With HIV/AIDS – USAID


Speaking at a USAID-funded meeting targets and maintaining Epidemic Control/Key Population Investment Fund (EPIC/KPIF) end of project dissemination meeting, The Director, HIV and TB (HAT) office, US Agency for International Development (USAID), US Embassy, Abuja, Rachel Goldstein, has said that about two million Nigerians were still leaving with HIV/AIDS. He further stated that about 1.8 million were on treatment while more efforts should be made to cover the rest of the population that are not treated.

“Two million people are still leaving with HIV AIDS in Nigeria. About 1.8 of the population are on treatment, but the two to three per cent of the population are not on treatment.

“The EPIC-KPIF programme helped in testing and treatment. We have met the need of the key population and there is the need to address the issue of mental health services, gender and human rights. We will ensure multi- sectoral capacity building,” Goldstein said, adding that they will continue to work with the local partners especially in Niger and Bayelsa States.