20 year old Chidera Uzoma arrested & dies in Police custody over Errand360 bicycle

May 24, 2022
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Another day, another meaningless death in Nigeria.

20-year-old Chidera Uzoma started working for Errand 360 as a delivery guy and one morning, he discovered that the work bicycle he parked in front of his apartment was missing. He informed the company and they arrested and charged him in court, but promised to drop the case If he replaces the bike. Chidera replaced the bike but Errand360 refused to drop the case.

He was remanded at Ikoyi prison in March and was found dead on April 24th.

Ikoyi Prison said Chidera was sick for a while before he died. His family needs closure because the circumstances surrounding his death is mysterious.

A friend of the deceased called the family last week to inform them that the Chidera has passed away. The family contacted the Errand360 through the company’s official number gotten from the company’s official page. But the company denied that they neither sued or arrested

These are the owners of the company

Errand360 claims to be Nigeria’s foremost eco-friendly last mile logistics company, providing sustainable delivery alternatives for businesses to reach their consumers.

We have reached out to the company Errand360 and their co-founder Jaiyeola Ayodeji David but have received no response.

Errand360 and the founder Adele Adetola has also locked their twitter account from the public which indicates their unwillingness to make a statement or respond to any message from the public.

This story was shared by his brother @justice4ezekiel on Twitter

Since then, #JusticeforChidera has been trending on twitter.

We will update you on any follow-up to this story.

May his soul rest in peace.