10 Things to know about Afua Asantewaa the Ghanaian attempting to break a World Record


Afua Asantewaa a Ghanaian socialite is attempting to break the Guinness World Record of the longest singing marathon ever. The current record holder is an Indian named Sunil Waghmare who’s singing lasted 105 hours in Nagpur, India, from March 3-7 2012.

Afua aims to sing for more than 117 hours to break Waghmare’s record. Her quest started on December 24th and will end on December 27th 2023. Afua Asantewaa intends to sing for 120 hours.

Here are some details about Afua you may not know.

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1. Juggling the roles of a dedicated wife and mother of three, she effortlessly engages in multitasking, treating it as if it were her favorite hobby.

2. Having participated in the GMB competition twice, she emerged as a finalist on both occasions.

3. An esteemed ex-beauty queen, she achieved her title through the Miss Tourism pageant, showcasing the best project.

4. The visionary mind behind the Ghana Outstanding Women Awards, renowned for hosting influential personalities within the country.

5. Pioneering the Africa Outstanding Women Awards, she successfully attracted influential figures from across the continent on its inaugural attempt.

6. The creative force behind MISS KIDI GHANA and Miss Kidi Africa, the only consistently held kids’ pageant in West Africa.

7. The driving force behind Teen Queen Ghana.

8. The innovative mind steering the Pose for Africa reality show, a platform that has revolutionized Ghana’s modeling industry.

9. A meticulous master planner, she dedicates months on her feet, tirelessly bringing her own concepts and others’ to life.

10. Behind closed doors, she personally nurtures and grooms talents, contributing to their growth and success.