Zambia to register wheelbarrows in capital


The authorities in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, plan to register all wheelbarrows used for commercial purposes following a spike in theft of goods.

Wheelbarrow pushers help carry loads around the city at a fee. They are preferred by informal traders who see them as a less expensive way to transport their goods.

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa said there have been increased complaints of theft from traders who seek the services of wheelbarrow pushers. He said some operators disappear with the goods.

The mayor was reacting to reports that he wants to introduce a tax for the wheelbarrows.

“The council will register all wheelbarrow businesses for security reasons given increased complaints received in our markets.“It [registration] is therefore meant for accountability and transparency purposes for those conducting the business in our markets and bus stations in the city,” he said.Mr Sampa said there shall be no levy or tax to be paid by wheelbarrow pushers.Wheelbarrow pushers have also been advised to register their wheelbarrows with the Wheelbarrow Association of Zambia.