Tanzania: Zanzibar Upgrades Its Town to City Level


The Minister for Regional Administration, Local Government, and Special Department, Mr Haji Omar Kheri, has said that ‘Zanzibar town’ is heading towards becoming a city by July because it is almost meeting the requirements as per international standards.

“Having an international airport, seaport, transport network, at least two municipal councils, improved security and street lighting are some of the requirements that have been fulfilled,” said Kheri before members of the Isles House approved his ministry budget for 2019/2020.

Some backbenchers, however, were of the opinion that the government was rushing to make the town a city, arguing that there are a lot that need to be solved, such as filthiness, poor infrastructure, housing, and sanitation management, before becoming a city.

But the minister responded by saying that the shortcomings in management of the Zanzibar town can also be witnessed in many cities across the world, like in Dar es Salaam,

“We have decided to move on with the plan to upgrade our town to city as we continue finding ways to overcome the challenges.”

By Abdallah Msuya