Nigerian senator fined for sex toy shop assault


A Nigerian senator has been fined $130,000 (£100,000) and told to apologise to a woman he physically assaulted in a sex toy shop last year.

A high court in the capital, Abuja, found that the assault by Senator Elisha Abbo was ‘’inhuman and degrading” and violated the fundamental rights of the victim, Osimibibra Warmate.

The incident which was captured on video and later went viral online, showed Mr Abbo slapping Ms Warmate.

After widespread condemnation and street protests, the senator publicly apologised but Ms Warmate filed a court case.

On top of the cash to be paid to Ms Warmate the court also ordered Mr Abbo to apologise to her in a national daily newspaper.

The decision has been welcomed by women’s activists.

One of Ms Warmate’s lawyers described it as a victory for the rule of law and for the common person in Nigeria.

However, a lawyer representing Mr Abbo told the BBC they will appeal against the ruling, which they can do within 90 days.

The high court ruling in the civil case comes after a magistrate’s court dismissed criminal charges filed against the senator by the Nigerian police.