Nigerian Raises Alarm: Explains why USA has evacuated their Citizens. Terrorists will take over during the elections & declare an Islamic Republic


Not to be an alarmist but, actually, I want to be an alarmist because something alarming is going on that we don’t seem to be paying attention to. I’m wondering why most people are not acting concerned.

Before the Kenyan genocide, the US ordered the evaluation of it’s staff.

US authorises evacuation of non-critical staff in Nigeria over ‘risk of terror attacks’ (

Before the US left Afghan to be overrun by the Taliban, it ordered the evacuation of its staff. Before any major upheaval in any country or during, the US evacuates its people. So I’m wondering what’s up?

In fact, that’s the point of this thread.

What is going down?  This was after the US asked its people not to travel to Nigeria. Now they are evacuating non-emergency staff. Which means if an emergency were to happen, the ones that would be left can quickly be evacuated by one unit of the special forces with less logistical friction. Why is everyone acting like this is normal a year to an election?

If we pay attention to the things that have happened so far, we’ll notice a few things.

First, a military base in Kaduna was overrun a few months ago by terrorists. We don’t know what was taken.
We know a few people died. A military convoy also carrying cash and weaponry was also ambushed. Whenever these “bandits” attack strategic bases or convoys like these, a cart away arms and sophisticated attack weaponry. These has happened a lot over the past few years. So you can imagine the amount of arms they have amassed.
If you lay that as a background, of which I have omitted and missed many details, it’s scary that the US is acting on intel they believe poses a threat to the lives of its much sheltered and well guarded personnel.

My theory: Two possible scenarios: Terrorists take over during the elections and declare an Islamic Republic, or a military coup displaces the new government if it happens to be a Southern Igbo man (most likely.)

These are all scary propositions. But why else would the US evacuates its personnel away from its most important strategic partner in Africa? They are not doing this anywhere else, yet. Please, it’s time to start paying attention.

Call anyone you think might have info and if you get any, please DM me so I can plan accordingly. It’s better to overreact and discover nothing is happening, than to overreact and any of the two scenarios i described above happens. Better safe than sorry. Please pay attention.

If you notice any unusual military presence in your area, speak up. If you notice a lot of new faces that don’t seem to be members of your community who suddenly move in, please speak up. The US doesn’t take actions like this based on nothing.
This was shared online from a Nigerian twitter user.