Afrifata 2023: Let us encourage young Africans in Africa

The 3rd edition of African Fashion talents designed to showcase enormous talents abound in Africa was declared open at the  Mohammed VI theater in Rabat, Morocco on 4th May 2023 with full capacity audience participation.
 This is the 3rd edition of the “African fashion talents” Festival being held in Rabat, capital of the Kingdom of Morocco.
The event is attracting a large continental audience across Africa and beyond where for 3 days they would showcase their talents through arts, culture and fashion from and within African continent.
This event is powered by the Association for the Development and Fulfillment of Moroccan, African and Arab Women (Afmaade) chaired by Haute Couture Designer, Zaineb El Kadiri Karroumi. She explained her vision of a new Africa where its talents are annexed for the Advancement of the continent.  Therefore, through Afrifata, she is giving back to Mother Africa are skills and experiences after living in France and returning to her roots, Morocco to make an impact. Even though the festival is just 3 years ago, the successes recorded may it seem it has been around forever. The project has become a social incubator dedicated to design and fashion professions for emerging market and talented creators.
 “We are happy that the 3rd edition of our event is taking place in Rabat.  In addition, we are honored to present our platform which is the first of its kind that Africa dedicates to its youth.  A platform focused African youth and the development of these talents to advancement of Africa.
At the opening press conference, the Director of Arts and Culture of the Cherifian Kingdom Mohamed Benyacoub, who also served as Commissioner of “Rabat Capital of African Culture 2022” expressed the authorities’ support for this initiative of Zaineb El Kadiri therefore her event is placed under the High Patronage of His Majesty Mohammed VI.  “We intend to continue this initiative.  We see what Africa can bring to Africa,” he said.  He asked young Africans to believe in themselves and to be proud and display their African cultural identity.
 There is no better time in African history than now after the experience of the global health crisis, which brought the world to a standstill. We suddenly realize we need each other and we have to promote unity among ourselves therefore this event provide us with that opportunity to revalue ourselves and put priority in place for the future of Africa.
 Afrifata is dedicated to African youth through design, fashion and arts. We would be bringing you more coverage of all the talents on display.
 Until Sunday, May 7th, 2023, with a full packed program of events, many young fashion designers and their models would dazzle the audience with their collections.
For this year’s festival we have designers from Morocco,  Ghana, Benin Republic, Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea Bissau among others still arriving for the festival. The founder is also collaborating with universities in Morocco who has a large group of foreign students studying in the country. Afrifata is bringing together all forms and shape of opinion makers to Morocco for this year’s festival. Kudos to the organizers.
To round up the opening session was a table talk with best of dignitaries’ present including Zaineb El Kadiri, Ambassador Laila Rahhal, Nazha Cherkaouiis among others and they provided answers to how best to engage African youths in Africa and reduce or totally stop illegal immigration to Europe and other parts of the world.
A delicious light lunch was provided, picture sections and the fashion designers got down to business, testing out their costumes with the models and setting up their stands for the fashion exhibitions and display of their works.
 Through her initiative, Moroccan government has adopted Zaineb El Kadiri blueprint for this festival, and it has come to stay but in her words, she is willing to partner with other organizations to make Afrifata an African event which could be hosted in other countries apart from Morocco.
With this festival and other programs, she aims to provide support and guidance to young emerging talents as well as small emerging businesses in the fields of culture, crafts, textiles and social entrepreneurship with startup capitals so they would not be lured into risking their lives to travel abroad.
 Ambassador Elvis Iruh, writing in from Rabat, Morocco.