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Connecting Africans through business is my goal - Laila El Atfani Rahhal

Laila El Atfani Rahhal is a business woman of Middle East/ North Africa origin resident in Dubai in United Arab Emirate. She is one of the awardees for the Voice Achievers Award 2017.
Not only is she being recognized for her involvement in promoting businesses in the Middle East but as well as in the African continent. She is also a goodwill Ambassador for many charitable organizations around the world for her humanity works.

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Pastor Elvis Iruh of The Voice magazine & Laila El Atfani Rahhal of Businessgate.com

She is very versatile and with good communication skills in English, French, Spanish, Turks and Arabic fluently. She will be our gateway to many African/Arab businesses in the near future.
Having gone through copies of the Voice magazine, she has accepted a partnership deal with the Voice magazine to make the publication more visible to the Arab world which are very interested in doing business in and with Africa.

This partnership according to the Voice magazine publisher, Pastor Elvis Iruh is mutual for the development and prosperity of Africa. “Many times we have acted as if North Africa is not part of Africa but this is not true and that is what we are trying to correct with this new partnership deal with our friend and colleague, Laila El Atfani Rahhal.

She is excited about the opportunity to represent The Voice magazine to the Arab world and we would be hearing more from her and businesses in Arab world.

A background check on her reveals a woman with the heart of gold for Africa. She is a Special Advisor to the President and Director of International relations and diplomacy of Africa Arab council AACID, Ambassador Emad Tariq Al Janabi. Also a member of the Arab African Council for Integration and Development. She is the owner of Businessgate.org. A website dedicated to exploiting greater exposure for Africa/Arab business to international public and producing international magazines for men and women in Arabic.

She is the owner of Macan FUEL and petroleum product trading and Vice-President of Diva Production company in United States of America, they are casting right now for a new film production titled; “Karma”.
By Elvis Iruh