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I have no problem with Nnamdi Kanu or held any secret meeting with El Rufai says Chief Peter Obi

In recent days, our publication The Voice magazine have been bombarded with all sort of mails alleging that former Governor of Anambra State, Chief Peter Obi has held secret meeting with Governor of Kaduna State, El Rufai and some other Northern leaders on the agenda to have Nnamdi Kanu returned to prison.

Early this morning, our Editor-in-Chief, Pastor Elvis Iruh spoke to Peter Obi on telephone on his return to Nigeria from Nantes, France where he has gone to attend a conference. The fact is that Peter Obi was actually not in the country as of the time they purported that he was holding a meeting with Kaduna State Governor and other Northern leaders.


Chief Peter Obi

Peter Obi said on telephone chat, “I laugh at these jokers because they don’t even know anything about me or following me. I was out of the country while they claimed I was having a meeting. I have not followed the news trend because I just arrived back this morning. They should go and read the news and follow the developments, I was among the first set of people who demanded unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu by the government.


Nnamdi Kanu

My statements are all over the media for those who are interested on knowing my stand and not this bias and dangerous comments by people”
What value does Kanu detention add to my life? He asked. Absolutely nothing, I have made my stand clear and known on the issue of Biafra and it is in the public domain so I am not bothered about this negative and cheap propaganda against my person.
He stated categorically he has not visited El Rufai since he became of Governor of Kaduna State or hold any secret meeting with him concerning the Igbo people. “There is no basis for such a meeting or discussion so the article is nonsensical and no truth whatsoever in it.
Peter Obi called on those using the social media to be careful of what they read and belief as he does not have a facebook or whatsapp so he does not communicate through those medium to his audience. He thanked the Voice magazine for the effort to make contact with him and seek clarification before any publication on the allegation made against his person.
“I wish other media will emulate this type of media behavior rather than rushing into republishing unverified articles published on social media.