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We must manufacture goods and Create Jobs for the People -Dr. Godwin Obaseki

The All Progressive Congress (APC) Governorship candidate in the September 10 governorship election, Dr. Godwin Obaseki has said that he will change the economy of Edo state through creation of jobs and markets for indigenous goods and services. In an interview in Benin City, Dr. Obaseki said opportunities to create jobs for the people are sent out of the country when virtually everything we use are imported into the country and this trend he is determined to stop in the state as a goal to be achieved.


He asked the journalists to consider a situation when what they are wearing is not made locally. “Everything you are wearing how many of it are made locally, it is little or nothing. We spend over 30 billion Dollars buying imported goods and services. This trend must change in Edo State because the state is strategically located to generate electricity for manufacturers. “In Edo State we have the key ingredients to produce electricity. In your houses you generate electricity by buying the generator and diesels. Here in Edo state because of the availability of Gas, since the major Gas line pass through the state we can generate electricity. “To generate electricity you need input and output and because of our unique position, the major Gas trunk line passes through Edo State and that will be used to generate electricity for manufacturing purposes. “We spend billions of Dollars importing goods and services from abroad, which means there is a market here but unfortunately that market, because we don’t produce those things, we don’t manufacture them we now have to import a lot of those goods, that is why we do not have the ability to create jobs, jobs we should have had here are sent out,” he noted. Dr. Obaseki maintained that, “For us, because there is a market, look at what you are wearing, they cannot be made here. Is it the cotton or fibre in your clothes, leather in your shoes, the synthetic or what exactly? We must manufacture goods and create jobs for the people he insists.