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Dreams do come true: Amma Asante goes to Dutch parliament

Proudly we announce to the world that come Wednesday 7th September 2016, politician Amma Asante will become a member of the Dutch second chamber parliament. The first Ghanaian African and a woman to accomplish this fit in the Netherlands. After nearly four years in the waiting, having contested in the last election and narrowly fall short of the number to get a seat in parliament. She waited patiently engaging in other activities until a vacancy that made the door open for her to become a Dutch member of parliament.


Just a few minutes ago, she called the publisher of The Voice magazine, Pastor Elvis Iruh to give him the good news and invite him to attend her inauguration on 7th of September 2016 at the Chambers of the parliament in The Hague
Amma Asante (44) still vibrates with confidence and willing to contribute to the betterment of the Dutch society and make life meaningful for immigrants. She had earlier served from 998 to 2006 as a local councilor in Amsterdam and finally as a member of Dutch parliament now.
In 2012, Amma was a disappointing fiftieth, one short of the 14 seats the Labour party could gathered but she scored 4,500 preferential votes." I always thought it could still be, if only theoretically”. Nothing happened and she moved on with her life as a wife, mother and a professional.
With a colleague leaving her seat in parliament to pursue another career at Albeda in Rotterdam, a door of opportunity beckon on the Labour party and Amma Asante to have a seat in parliament. She would take her place until 15th March 2017 when there would be another elections.
Asked what the next move is, she says I don’t know, I will take my place in the parliament and see what the future holds. I will do my best as I have always worked hard to do, represent the trust and confidence place on me by my party and supporters.

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Amma Asante: Newest member of Dutch Parliament
Presently, Asante works as an adviser with BMC agency among other government agencies, educational institutions and housing corporations that she advises. She is also an active member of the Triumphant Faith Chapel, a Christian church organization where her husband pastors. According to her, "this is a good way to get your battery of life recharged on Sundays.
Her story began in 1978, when she came under the family reunification program to join her mother from Ghana and she lived in Amsterdam Bijlmermeer. Her father, an illegal immigrant seeking a better life, fell under the general amnesty of 1975.
She always and still quote her father’s words to her: "He warned me, as a black woman you have to work twice as hard to be successful”. I am fortunate that I got rid of that thought, but for many others it is still valid” she says. She thanks the social democracy in this country that enabled her to have this classic story to rise from nothing to something in life, a story that should challenge and inspire other immigrant kids in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. "My father was a factory worker, my mother was a chamber maid in a hotel but I could study and now I can seat in the parliament.
Congratulations on behalf of The Voice magazine to you, Amma Asante. For you have become an additional voice for immigrants in the Dutch parliament
By Pastor Elvis Iruh