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MNR interim Chairman, Chief Eugene Enahoro call for peace in the nation.

To ensure that the dreams of the nation’s founding fathers in relation to unity and progress in diversity are not lost, the newly elected Interim Chairman of The Movement for National Reformation (MNR), Chief Eugene Enahoro has appealed to all Nigerians to lower the hostility across the country.

Chief Eugene Enahoro made the appeal shortly after being elected interim Chairman of MNR by the Caucus members during a meeting held in Benin City after the funeral obsequies of one of their founding members, Elder Statesman Chief Emnakpor Ajise.
The meeting chaired by MNR Legal Adviser, Alhaji (Barrister) Robson Momoh unanimously resolved that Chief (Dr) Eugene Enahoro be appointed interim chairman due to the poor-health of the current Chairman A.C. E’Chukwu.

The caucus observed that at this critical juncture in Nigeria’s history where clamour for self-determination, constitutional amendment and political restructuring is reaching a crescendo, violent aggressive ethnic separatist movements are gaining support, while neither MNR philosophy, nor the past or current work of the movement were receiving sufficient publicity to impact positively on the situation.
In his response, the interim chairman, Chief Enahoro appealed to all Nigerians to lower the hostility in their rhetoric saying that since time immemorial the peoples of Nigeria have lived in close proximity and must settle down to resolve their differences peacefully and with mutual respect, consideration and fairness.
He promised to fast track the stalled MNR initiatives with particular reference to updating the websites, emenar.co.ng and reformnigeria.com, publishing the on-line magazine, conducting public opinion polls and holding the annual dialogue adding that MNR is willing to assist all governments committed to change and improvement in the welfare of all Nigerians.
The MNR Secretary, Faruk Chukwuma re-iterated that MNR membership is open to everyone who believes the nation can be a better place, irrespective of their membership of any political party or other movement and he re-affirmed that the cardinal pillars of the movement is the belief in democracy and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), support for social reformation and the rebirth of public morality, as well as political restructuring to enhance the self-determination and self-sufficiency of indigenous peoples within the Federation. The MNR was founded by the late Elder statesman Chief Anthony Enahoro, CFR to ensure that the dreams of the nation’s founding fathers in relation to unity and progress in diversity are not lost.
Those Present at the meeting were MNR Vice-Chairman Chief Alex Ayotalumo, MNR Secretary Faruk Chukwuma, Comrade Alfred Ilenre, Rev (Dr) Nosa Fola-Folorunsh Falodun, Alhaji Umaru Hussaini, and Joseph Kemdawu amongst others.