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Chairman Nigerians in Diaspora Against Corruption,under the auspices of LaUdeze Foundation the Netherlands and Leader of Nigerian Community in the Netherlands, Chief Lambert Igbonugo duly commend the efforts of Buhari administration to obliterate corruption in the country. We can witness that within these initial efforts by the new administration Nigeria has started to recover her rightful place in the community of nations and by extension making Nigerian in Diaspora proud.

We have seen that the country is left with only one option to root out the cancer called corruption before it kills the nation totally. It is a very good news that Nigerians in Diaspora have promised to work with the present government hand in glove to eradicate corruption in the land and extinguish it from the physic of the nation. Yes we can! Although there is no perfect society, but government can make the imperfections perfect by strengthening the EFCC, ICPC and the Police to work and convince Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora about their capability to jail anybody found guilty of corruption no matter whose ox ir gored.
The population is saying they are tired of invitation of suspected corrupt persons without thorough prosecution by judges of integrity jailing the guilty. We hope that Buhari's integrity and thoroughness will change all that as international community is waiting in the wings to make Nigerians benefit from the anti corruption achievements.


Chief Lambert Igbonugo

Nigerians in the Diaspora can no longer afford to be naive of the fact that their home land need them most this time around. In this era of expecting the best for the country, they most stand to be counted among those whose genuine and patriotic contributions should help to propel the country to the long expected Olympian height. History has it that countries like Israel, China, India etc as emerging economies could not have made it without the patriotic contributions of their Diasporan communities. Nigeria should not be an exemption since the era of skepticism over the fact that Nigeria was in morass of corruption should be over by now. This should be the most auspicious time for us to stand to be counted in the struggle for our homeland to pick up the pieces with a government that is now busy cleaning up the Augean stable and not putting a new wine in an old keg as Buhari administration grantees integrity as its hallmark. We can see the good results on anti corruption fight trickling in. Mr. President in his laudable search for men of integrity to serve should go for individuals who are ideal and good patriots that are ready to serve with the ideology of "not expecting anything and not missing anything during and after service" to say the least. What Nigerians in the Diaspora can do for their homeland is evident in the submission of President Obama that there are more than 25,000 Nigerian consultants in the US alone. It makes sense to expect President Buhari to turn this brain drain to brain gain, because the solution to Nigerian problems lay squarely with knowledge base of their kith and kin in Diaspora. Going about it means. we can borrow leaf from the Dutch Social psychology of their tripod policy of Patriotism, Nationalism and Volunteerism. We must all admit that the critical tenets of life are honesty and integrity. Nigerians of integrity will help Buhari administration to install cupidity free individuals ready to work for posterity.
It is true with our experience and exposure in the West, we can do a lot to support this regime who has contained our age long fears about being caught in the web of corruption as the case used to be in previous governments. There are so much we can do on capacity building, on the area of indoctrination, incubative ideas and inculcation of patriotic zeal in public and private lives of the citizenry in preparation to have corruption free society. The group has given President Buhari a blank cheque to obliterate corruption in Nigerian and reinvigorate and reposition the juridical system to accommodate the sincere integrity of the anti -corruption drive which has won him in hearts of the citizenry. It will be a futile effort if Mr. President do not clean up the justice system to be commensurate with anti-corruption drive. The days of frustrating corruption trial must be seen to be over. We thank God this is the humble wish of US and the West to getting the job done.
In the leverage of these critical assignments,Nigerians in the Diaspora would like to see that such services should be rendered through the instrumentality of the office of Nigerians in the Diaspora Commission. These group of Nigerians should like the present administration realize the importance of the economic role they play with their remittance of over 20 billion dollar annually to bust the economy. The fact that they demand especial court of justice capable of handling their peculiar cases in Nigeria as they fall victim of time and space is no longer in doubt.
The belief among Nigerians in the Diaspora is that Buhari's administration can tap from the abundant know how among these people purely for brain gain in order to do justice to his government of integrity. It will be a matter of digging into the security reports of individuals before appointments surely through Nigeria and land of their sojourn.
So far Mr. President's direction has shown that he is leading by example of simplicity and not that of fiefdom. It will be unworthy of any Nigerian leader not to tow that line of simplicity and integrity. We pray he must be given some time until most of his campaign promises fall in place. It took so much time to destroy and it is going to take as much time to rebuild.
By Chief Lambert Igbonugo
Leader of Nigerian Community In Holland