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Rotimi Amaechi is behind petition against Patience Jonathan at ICC.

PatienceThe All Progressives Congress (APC) through its campaign Director-General for General Buhari (rtd) and Governor of River State, Rotimi Amaechi is the person behind the signed and delivered petition making round in the Nigerian press as a purported indictment of the Nigeria’s First lady, Dame Patience Jonathan before the international criminal court in The Hague.

In the letter, there is a comparison of the Nigerian first lady to the former Ivory Coast first lady, Simone Gbagbo who was recently jailed 20 years for her role in preventing her husband from conceding defeat in the elections that swept the former president from power in Ivory Coast.
Already there are allegations from the opponents of President Goodluck Jonathan that he would attempt to hang on to power if he loses the elections despite every assurance he has given as the President of Nigeria to respect the wishes of the people if he loses the polls. The opponents of Goodluck Jonathan are not listening to his words.

Amaechi today

APC letter writer to ICC: Rotimi Amaechi
A chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party, Chief Jacob Idinye in interview last night with the Voice magazine wonder why Rotimi Amaechi is crying over nothing because the elections have not been held. “If they are confident as they have boasted and claimed, why can’t they wait patiently and allow the elections to take place and wait for the results. The Nigerian election is under the watchful eyes of the international observers and so he has no reason to fear and worry”, he explains.
He went further to say that the APC knows that they do not have the grassroot support, they are relying on leftovers LIKE Amaechi who left PDP about a year or two ago to deliver the votes for them. He is no longer relevant and it is not possible, they cannot even win their houses now if election is to be heard”, Chief Idinye declared.


Chief Jacob Idinye: APC are crying over nothing.
According to the politician, they threaten to form a ‘parallel government’ if they are not declare winners by INEC. For me, that is blackmail of the electoral body and international rules guiding an election of this nature. There are procedures and not forming a parallel government. “Who is planning to cause trouble in Nigeria if they lose the elections? It is APC with people like Rotimi Amaechi.
The Voice magazine will recall that the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Mrs. Fatou Bensouda had addressed concerns on the Nigeria elections in early February when the polls was originally slated for. She warns every person involved in the electoral process in Nigeria to be careful of what they say or do as her office is closely monitoring the situation in Nigeria. Her appeal is to all parties in Nigeria to conduct themselves in appropriate manner and that her office will investigate any indictment of any person or group of persons or political associations. This statement is not a target on PDP or its members but to all the political parties in Nigeria and their associates.
If they have reason to petition the first lady, Patience Jonathan to the International Criminal Court (ICC), the PDP have bags of atrocities committed by APC since their inception to date, attacks on PDP and the government of President Goodluck Jonathan, personal insults to his person and the person of the President has been accommodating and quite on all the atrocities of APC.
According to the PDP mam, people like Rotimi Amaechi will head up at the ICC after this general elections. “We do not want to be accused of witch hunting anybody but after the elections, the facts and figures will be released to the whole world. He has publicly boasted that he will flew away from the country, he can run but not hide for long before the hands of the law will get him.