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Jonathan deserves another four years

Goodluck Jonathan1Continental European Media Summit was recently held in Hamburg Germany facilitated by Kenneth Gbandi of Heritage Media network Germany, the participants representing various fields of human endeavor particularly in the Nigeria media scene in the Diaspora endorsed the candidature of Goodluck Jonathan as a prefer candidate in the 2015 Presidential elections in Nigeria slated for 28th March 2015 because of its track records in the past five years in office.

It is rewarding to know that most Nigerians across European cities without party affiliations believed that the development in Nigeria is seriously under reported in the Diaspora and that looking at the performance sheet of President Goodluck Jonathan, if given another four years term in office, he will complete his transformational agenda for Nigeria into brining prosperity to the people. Various speakers highlighted their observance of politics in Nigeria and how it has been reported in the international press. “There is obvious misinformation and blatant lies fabricated by member so the opposition to discredit President Goodluck Jonathan.
Ambassador John Fashanu, ex-footballer and a member of the presidential task force on improving sports in Nigeria said, “Nigeria is in a better hand with Goodluck Jonathan”. His administration has done so much to help improve sports and Nigerian sports men and women had won laurels for the country in return for the goodwill of the President. Ambassador Fashanu thinks that Coach Steven Keshi should be allowed to stay on as Super Eagles cioach despite failing to qualify Nigeria for the last tournament in Guinea Bissau


Ambassador John Fashanu: He thinks President Jonathan has done well.

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Mr. Lington Donovan, the Founder /Editor-in-chief of Satellite Newswatch based in Turin Italy spoke on the challenges of fighting corruption in Nigeria and he argues that it is not as simple as the APC is trying to analyze it through the use of force and imprisonment rather he says fighting corruption is no longer about intimidation, arrest and grandstanding, it has gone beyond that. Information technology and high tech have become modern and effective ways of fighting corruption and that is the approach President Goodluck Jonathan has followed, it may be slow but it is working, reducing a cash based economy will help curb corruption in Nigeria.
A security expert on Counter Terrorism base in the United Kingdom, Mr. Temitope Olodo commended the government on its effort to tackle the insurgence of Boko Haram, he however made a clear distinction between two forms of Boko Haram in Nigeria. In his words, “We have two types of Boko Haram. The real or original Boko Haram and the political Boko Haram. While the real or original Boko Haram is much easier to contain and deal with, which President Goodluck and the security agents are doing, the political Hoko Haram is much more dangerous and difficult to deal with. They keep changing forms and strategies”. Mr. Olodo offered insights into how security could be improve in Nigeria with better border controls and incentives for military personnel. He offered to give his services to support the effort of the Federal government of Nigeria.

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The publisher of the Voice magazine in the Netherlands, Pastor Elvis Iruh attributed the much enjoyed press freedom to the gain of democracy which President Goodluck Jonathan has allowed to strive despite media excesses in the past few years. “He is probably the only President I know that is abused, criticized, mocked and yet very open and accommodating than any president in Nigeria’s history. I cannot see someone speak to President Obasanjo the way he has done to President Jonathan and yet he can travel in and out of the country with Nigeria security details provided by the same person’s government you criticizes. It is unprecedented anywhere in the world. Pastor Iruh thinks if President Jonathan is reelected, he needs to restructure and organize his media team as they have not done much to expose his administration positively to the Diaspora. “President Goodluck Jonathan deserve better than this with the record performance of his media team, the president is always put on the defensive.
Other notable speakers at the summit in Germany includes the following persons; Mr. Leke Oyewole (Senior Special Assistant to the President on Maritime Affairs); Mr. Femi Oladele (Senior Special Assistant to the Vice President on project monitoring and evaluation); Ambassadors John Fashanu (Ex-Football International legend and CNN expert); Temitope Olodo (Security Expert on Counter Terrorism UK); Mr. Bayo Fagbemi (Executive Director Nigeria Electricity Liability Management Company (NELMCO); Prof Nick Ezeh (Director Civil Society and Support Groups) PCO; Barrister Ngozi Nwankwo, spokesperson on Chibok Girls and psychological assistance to the IDPs across the country on behalf of the President; Pastor Elvis Iruh (CEO / Editor -in-Chief, The Voice magazine, The Netherlands); Chief Basil Anuniru (Social Media analyst and CEO Emiban Inter. Germany); Lington Donovan (Satellite Newswatch Turin Italy); Sam Davids Ogbodo (Chairman Nigerian Union Turin Italy); Benjamin Osagie Okoeguale (Coordinator PDP NYF Germany); Segun G. Adeyemi (Social Media Blogger); and Godwin Robinson (CEO RainBird and Blogger). There were many other participants across Germany including GSG Groups and Pro GEJ NGOs.
The organizer uses this medium to thank them all on behalf of Heritage Media Network and Directorate of Civil Society and Support Groups, PCO (Diaspora).
Full report will follow soon