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Nigerians in the Diaspora has huge contributions to make in Nigeria says Faith Ehanire

For too long Nigerians in the Diaspora has continued to blame their homeland government for inadequate development of the country but a Nigerian Diaspora based in the Netherlands, Mrs. Faith Ehanire Popken disagree with this notion and she wonders why other European or America countries are being developed by their own citizens.

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Mrs. Faith Ehanire-Popken: Making a case for Nigerian diaspora

Mrs Ehanire-Popken, a successful business woman in her own right with interested in real estate development and helping people to start small scale businesses that would enable them to become self-reliance spoke to our Correspondent during a short visit to the Voice magazine office to discuss her plans for 2016.

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Faith Ehanire-Popken: Her new found passion- Cake designing
Asked why she continue to live abroad herself and not invest in Nigeria, her country of birth. She declared, “Rome is not built in a day, I am already making plans to start up businesses in Nigeria, many of my ideas is not for personal gain but to help a lot of young people who are right now jobless and waiting on the government to do it all”. This is where I see the involvement of those of us in the Diaspora, instead of saving money in foreign accounts, why not properly invest it at home and create more jobs for people, she queried.
Although she claims not to be a politician but she has words of advice for those who have been given the opportunity to govern, “what makes you a successful leader at the end of the day is the impact you make in peoples’ lives particularly those who elected you or if you are trusted with a portfolio to serve in government. Let your tenure count for the betterment of the society.
When asked if she has any relationship with the new Minister of State for Health in Nigeria, Dr. Osagie Ehanire. She declared, “Yes, he is my uncle and I must tell you is a very hard working, straight forward person who will not disappoint President Buhari for the trust and confidence in him. He has proven himself everywhere he has worked as proficient medical doctor and of international quality and standard”. I personally wish him all the success he needs to serve his country.
Also asked what she has been doing herself abroad, she says, ‘I have been working very hard, I love to work. When I came to Europe after my studies at Auchi Polytechnic, I got married and I have a beautiful daughter, I settled down to work in various capacities including working as Office Assistant, Production worker, desk attendant, hostess in a shipping cruise company, I also worked for a short time with a Dutch bank but I have always been interested in doing business. So I acquire training in cake designs and in the last two and half years, I have concentrated in designing exotic cakes for special occasions.

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I registered my business under the name; Fairage Exotic & Elegant cake designer.
So how is the business doing? “Very well I must confess, beyond my expectations. Of course I know the reasons, I am committed to making the best designed cake for my clients so they spread the good news to others.
Many more Nigerians living in the Diaspora are skillful and should be encouraged to join in the change process of the country to bring development to the people, she suggested.

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Mrs. Ehanire-Popken on her job
Lastly, she assured us that she would soon be going to Nigeria to examine the environment and study the situation on how she can contribute her own quarter to the new atmosphere of change and development to the people particularly her state of origin, Edo state of Nigeria.
We only can wish her success in her future endeavors.
Interview by Femi Kuti