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A call to participate on your health issues

 MG 9370There is the popular adage that’s says health is wealth and for that simple reason, Stichting Ramaya has put together a series of health education program for enlightening immigrant communities living in the Amsterdam area on their health conditions.
According to the coordinator of the Project, Jerry Sulaiman, Africans form a greater part of the Immigrant group living in Amsterdam, it is estimated that there are more than 10,000 Africans living in the Netherlands and the majority of them resides in Amsterdam particularly Southeast area.

Sulaiman also says that like other residents of Amsterdam, Africans have a right to enjoy good health. However, there is little information about the health care seeking patterns of the Africans.

For example, it seems that high blood pressure, obesity, kidney problem and diabetes are important health challenges amongst Africans, they are not detected early enough and many times lack information on what to do with their challenges. Therefore it is necessary to organize the health workshop/training to inform the Africans in Amsterdam about the necessity of disseminating information about the risk factors of these diseases; likewise the need to gather information about the health of this group of people in a systematic way as a backup in case they are confronted with these health challenges in the future.
For this reason, the organization have set up the AFRICAN’S HEALTH study. During the course of this study the following questions would be posed to the participants.
1. What are the common health problems faced within the African community?
2. What are the factors that contribute to ill health?
3. What are the factors that contribute to good health?
The information gathered will help guide the health care seeking patterns and practices. Additionally, it will assist in knowing which factors poses risky influence on this group and help in the development of programs that fit with the needs of the community.
For example, in order to give good advice about healthy eating habit, we need to know what people eat in the first place.
According to Pastor Sulaiman, the participation is open to all, just to know how your heart functions, about vascular diseases, prevention of high blood pressure and diabetes among other health concerns make it interesting to attend and participate.
For registration, please contact 0614563851 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.