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BUHARI: The lying overlord

I have always made plain my aversion to lies and falsehood and I dislike it as it constitutes a deliberate affront to my intelligence. As I navigate through life and encounter one who lies to me, which I honestly do not anticipate I would be morally bound to lose my bearing thereby making it impossible for me to calculate my true position. This, I dare say, hurts my soul!

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The Tyrant In Abuja

The world has lived through great civilizations and civilization itself has had its worst enemies. Man driven by lust for power and personal aggrandizement plays god to others and we have encountered with so many of them through the ages. The historic tripartite pact of 1936 saw a fusion of power blocs. Benito Mussolini ruled by caprice in fascist Italy, in Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler allied with Emperor Hirohito of Japan in a bid to bestride the world like a colossus.

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Nigeria Ronu (think)!!!

I really want to sleep but I'm tempted to write this stinker to all who had been saying rubbish concerning the ongoing Dasuki gate of $2.1bilion.
I think many don't know how much 2 billion dollars worth and what it could achieve. So they euphemise the gravity of the offence..
as at the time of sharing that money last year..

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Life’s but a walking shadow

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale “told over and over again.” So as the year gradually comes to an end, we cannot help but wonder at how well we have performed and remember gains and definitely low points. Nevertheless with hindsight it’s now death to procrastination that may have played a major role in the goals set for the outgoing year. Just this past week, a friend made a powerful point that has continued to resonate with me. Her point, focuses on the need to set different types of goals daily, monthly and yearly. Every goal is unique because its purpose is to fulfill a need. So, what happens when the unexpected happens and one suddenly finds himself hitting rock-bottom the very next minute?

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The Man Who Would Be Governor

One of the finest persons I have been privileged to know is Odia Ofeimun: the man has a clean heart, he is completely incapable of malice, and in the face of all odds, he has a sunny view of life, add to that his incandescent mind, his absolute brilliance from which has poured forth a prodigious volume of poetry collections, books, essays, years of journalism practice and a reputation as a public intellectual of the very first rank. Odia as I call him, although he is more popularly known as Baba among the younger generation of writers, is also an incurable idealist, very stubborn to a fault with his idealism and this is where we oftentimes differ.

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