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"Mr. President Obama, tell the world the truth of your actions and intentions! Mr. President Obama, can you live to the expectations of Nobel Peace Prize that you 'won'?!!! Mr. President Obama, can you tell the world how the United States of America obtained its independence from Britain on the 4th July 1776? Mr. President Obama, can you tell the world why you have decided to move NATO infrastructure to Ukraine and position it at the doorsteps of Russia? Mr. President Obama, why can't you invite President Putin for fishing in the Pacific Ocean near Pearl Harbour Lagoon to remember the Second World War?", I am appealing to you Mr. President Barack Obama!
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An untold true story about Ohakim By Acho Orabuchi


Ironically, Okorocha is Ohakim’s redemption! Inasmuch as the Okorocha’s administration would want to make people in the Ohakim’s administration particularly, Dr. Ikedi Godson Ohakim, personae non grantae in Imo State, such orchestrated efforts have been met with stiff resistance arising from a renewed ardor of and increasing number of Ohakim’s loyalists, coupled with Gov. Rochas Okorocha’s incessant hollow rhetoric.
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Good day and compliment of the season to you sons and daughters of Oyo State.
Precisely on the 3rd of February, 1976, thirty-eight years ago, our state, Oyo State was created by the then military government led by Late General Murtala Mohammed, the then old western state was divided into Ogun, Ondo and Oyo states respectively. In 1991, Osun state was carved out of what today is known as Oyo state.
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Goodwill Homage Foundation: The journey so far!!! Changing lives and standing for the hopeless

the voiceGoodwill Homage Foundation through its founder, Elder Joshua Ebule has been recounting the success story so far since the voluntarily return project started last year.
Many sceptics thought the project was a far fetch dream of people willingly to return to their country of origin including persons that undocumented in The Netherlands.
In this chat with the founder, he disclosed that they have successfully helped 30 persons from various parts of Africa and other parts of the world to return to their home country and restart a new life there.
The countries were they have helped individuals and families to return include Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Libya, Tunisia, Brazil, Surinam etc.
On what happens to these returnees; he informs us that they are fully in contact with majority of them and the priority this year (2014) is actually to establish more constructive contact with them helping them to develop skills acquired in such a manner that they are not tempted to immigrate elsewhere.
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Sierra Leone Central Union – The Netherlands Solid Achievements in 2013 & Greater Ambition in 2014

Dear Compatriots,
One of the joys of preparing an annual report is that it gives us the opportunity to look back and be thankful for all that has been accomplished. The past year was filled with wonderful opportunities and many challenges. Some of the highlights were:
2013 was an extraordinary year for our Union. We showed all and sundry how democratic the union is, by staging the most spectacular Chairmanship election. On board came The Sierra Leone Organisation in Bergen op Zoom. We also punched way above our weight by organising   spectacular events such as: our Independence Day, Annual Outing and an end of year Dinner  in the history of The Sierra Leone Central Union (SLCU) in The Netherlands.  With a robust talent and network oriented policy, supported by a focused, motivated Leader, we are Strong, Smart and Moving Forward. And We Have Just Started!  Thus, we will continue to act robustly and focus on 2014 as the year for total accomplishment.
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