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We challenge Buhari to a debate

AbatiThe last time Nigerians enjoyed something really close to an exciting Presidential debate was during the 1993 Presidential elections. I recall the colourful and memorable encounter between the late Chief MKO Abiola of the Social Democratic Party and Alhaji Bashir Tofa of the National Republican Convention. At the end of that debate, it was clear who among the duo was better experienced, much more intellectually capable and more endearing to the electorate in terms of readiness for the job being applied for. That is what a debate, under these circumstances, is: it is a job interview.

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Good day and compliment of the season to all sons and daughters of Oyo State.
Precisely on the 3rd of February this year, Oyo State clocked 38 years. In 1976, our able State was created by the then military government led by Late General Murtala Mohammed from the then old Western State which was divided into Ogun, Ondo and Oyo states respectively. In 1991, Osun state was carved out from Oyo state which as of today is having 33 local governments.
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How tough for Obama being a black President?

Terrorism is destroying our world; it is therefore hard for law abiding citizens to cope up with terrorists, because they are extremely dangerous, inhuman, merciless, savage and pitiless, since all what they know best is to destroy and kill.
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Politics and the Game of Deceits

By Eubaldus Enahoro

By the Oxford Learners Dictionary, game is defined as an activity with rules in which people compete against each other. The word rules clearly shows that people are to abide by the rules of a game or activity.
In Nigeria, politics has been reduced to a mere activity without rules, or how can one explain the way politicians have totally made politics a mockery. The word politics makes a lot of people now hiss and not want to have anything to do with it.
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Chibok girls

Tapping into the global support for the release of the Chibok girls is something I have wanted to do for some time particularly after Michelle Obama sent out a picture of herself holding a hand-written sign that was retweeted 46,000 times. Personally, it wasn't that I had no empathy towards the girls that had been stolen, it was seemly an attitude that has pervaded our entire system for so long. It did not affect me. How wrong I was. It affected me as a sister of a mother, an aunt, cousin, daughter, niece and of course as a woman in Nigeria. Above all, majority of the girls captured were Christian girls writing their final exams. They were simply girls trying to get an education in a difficult place that has recently gained both local and international attention.
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