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A short story from Skipper

I was close to forgetting about him. I wondered if he was still alive, and if he was happy. I wondered what he would make of me, seeming that I had changed considerably. Would he squint at the vulgarity of my story? I received a message from that silence between the stars. It took me along a path, reminding me of how I’d always been blind to the patterns. The artist in me must have sculpted him as my perfect beau, because despite his impish mistakes and empty promises, I fell shattered when he skipped. Then I saw him everywhere. I sought for depth and clarity, a flame that flickers in the darkness.

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A Review of President Buhari’s 100 Days in Office

President Muhammadu Buhari has recorded one hundred days in office aa the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. A hundred days means he has spent approximately three months since his inauguration as president on May 29.

buhari 7

President Buhari

(Photo by Sesco photography)

Regardless of what the army of praise-singers, in whose eyes the President can do no wrong, may say, it is in tune with globally acceptable best practices to evaluate his performance as president so far; indeed in view of our unique circumstances as a leadership-challenged nation, it is also very prudent and also necessary for every socially conscious and well-meaning Nigerian- particularly those who clamored and voted him in as president- to conduct a personal scientific evaluation of the performances of the man who promised to usher in change, and a new season for Nigerians and Nigeria.

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Tackling The Threat Of Global Terror

There have been terror attacks here and there which are still ongoing. Is there any country on earth that has never experienced any terror-linked attack? I doubt! These attacks have always resulted in a monumental loss of human lives and property. Governments the world over are increasingly becoming helpless and frustrated as to the mechanism to employ that would stand toe to toe with these vermin whose only language the world understands is destruction to advance or propagate their retrogressive ideologies. Be that as it may we must first identify the root causes of terrorism to enable us know how to effectively tackle the menace.


Iyoha John Darlington

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For Nigeria to become part of the modern civilisation in the 21st century, Nigerians need to approach their challenges with a common front and a common purpose, and ready to correct the maladies that plague the political system from the bottom up. This is a clarion call for all citizens – irrespective of party affiliations, ethnicity, race, religion or gender – to come together and steer the nation away from an impending danger. Today, Nigeria is not only frightening, but fundamentally tarnished.


By Ekenenyie Ukpong
Research Fellow on African Affairs
University of Leeds, England

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Mediterranean shipwreck

The Scramble for Africa began about 131 years ago. Thirteen countries in the euro zone and the United States took part and met in Berlin. Here the rules of the game - colonization were agreed on before tutelage and subjugation of the continent commenced. These were not without challenges because of resistance from territories and powers. Ultimately, they were conquered and the colonial powers firmly established control.

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