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What time is it?

Life respect no one, the universal laws pays no attention to your race, your beauty and your locality….Time is money a wise man once uttered , everyone is blessed with 24 hours a day, most people work so hard and they ask and wonder why they are not successful..

The wealthy ones work lesser time and they make more money and are perceived as the successful ones in our society. Truth be told what makes the difference between the successful ones and the unsuccessful people in our society is the quality of work put into the time.

The 21st century is full of distractions and so many activities that steals our time and affect the effective use of our time, if only most people adopt the principle of “work while you are working” and not “chat while you are working or facebook while you are working”.

What time is it? This should be a question you should ask yourself every moment of the day for you to be successful. By defining what the time is at every moment improves your productivity with respect to time. It also enables you to be focus on task and avoid distraction….Above all it improves your self-confidence.


By Olajide Olafuyi

Author, Speaker & Consultant

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