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Nigeria’s boiling Point

Climate change is a subject matter that should be of concern to all nations in the world. Curiously, no country, big or small, is immune to the effects of climate change. Remarkably, despite the huge applause for the monumental Paris Agreement on climate change, the nation who ought to lead to achieve the objectives set out in it will be looked at. The effect of global warming will be huge in the future. However, this is already evident in many developing countries.

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Reflections on a Commission for the Diaspora

Talks of a Nigerian Diaspora Commission began more than 10 years ago. Some of us felt then that a full-fledged Ministry for Diaspora Affairs was more deserving but we do not mind making a start with a Commission. Our friends on the opposite side declared us bunkers and would have nothing of that sort. The Oronsanye Civil Service Report that recommended the scraping of 102 redundant agencies would conveniently arm them with extra arguments. As rebuttal we would remind our opponents that the Civil Service Reforms recommendation was all about plugging waste and operating smart. If that meant, as we were sure it did, developing or sharpening the instrument to empower a constituency that annually reeks an average of USD 30 Billion into Nigeria oil dependent economy; so be it. The highs and lows in the evolution graph of the Diaspora Commission debates over the last decade were shaped by these conflicting thoughts. When an injury heals, its pains go with it. This adage captures the mood of the Diaspora when on 30 June 2017; Acting President finally assented to the Nigerian Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) Bill.

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Prioritizing Human Security, transforming Monrovia to a ‘Resilient City’.

Liberia is increasingly confronted with development challenges exacerbated by growing urbanization and the recent Ebola epidemic, which exposed major shortcomings in Liberian society, such as weak social contract, weak institutions, inadequate capacity among public institutions to address uncoordinated rural urban migration and growing crime rate. Monrovia has experienced surge in population from its pre- war four hundred thousand inhabitants to slightly 1.1 million- showing that significant percent of the country’s population lives in Monrovia.


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In fairness to Governor Aregbesola!

Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s stewardship in Osun State has been generating all manner of comments in recent times. From the indefensible, infantile, misinformed and misguided viewpoints to the impressive analyses of his actions and inactions, the comments reveal a lot about this man of many parts who has not only done very well for his people, but has also been fair to all sections of the state in his policy implementation. Although Aregbesola is frequently the butt of criticisms, there is no doubt that he means well for his people and does what he sees to be in their best interest at all times.

aregbesola 1

Gov. Aregbesola of Osun State, Nigeria

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What time is it?

Life respect no one, the universal laws pays no attention to your race, your beauty and your locality….Time is money a wise man once uttered , everyone is blessed with 24 hours a day, most people work so hard and they ask and wonder why they are not successful..

The wealthy ones work lesser time and they make more money and are perceived as the successful ones in our society. Truth be told what makes the difference between the successful ones and the unsuccessful people in our society is the quality of work put into the time.

The 21st century is full of distractions and so many activities that steals our time and affect the effective use of our time, if only most people adopt the principle of “work while you are working” and not “chat while you are working or facebook while you are working”.

What time is it? This should be a question you should ask yourself every moment of the day for you to be successful. By defining what the time is at every moment improves your productivity with respect to time. It also enables you to be focus on task and avoid distraction….Above all it improves your self-confidence.


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