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As a leading Equalities campaigner, Justina Mutale, Founder & President of the Justina Mutale Foundation for Leadership was invited to give a Talk at St Luke's Church of England Primary School in London on Wednesday 2nd March 2016, as part of the school's International Women's Month celebrations.

The children and staff at St. Luke's school in Westminster were honoured to receive a visit from Justina Mutale, who was awarded "African woman of the year" in 2012. Justina is well known on the international stage for her equalities work, particularly in the field of gender equality. Ms. Mutale spent the morning speaking to the children about her equalities work and talking about how individuals can overcome their barrier to achieve their goals, with reference to famous female leaders in history.



Older children then remained with Ms. Mutale as she spoke more specifically about the similarities in the aspirations of both men and women and the 'because I am a girl' campaign.

Head teacher Barbara Dunn said, "The visit was very inspiring. The children get so much from seeing famous women who have overcome stereotypes to become the best in their field."

Justina 2

Justina Mutale visited the school as part of the school's International Women's month celebrations

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