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Black skins deserve better treatment says Beautician Stephanie Timmerman

Photo StephanieStephanie Timmerman is the creator of Health Beauty & Wellnesscenter Beau Victoire. They are specialized in medical and cosmetic treatments for black & white skin for both male and female. These services include skincare, anti-aging, acné, microdermabrasion, scar correction, treatment of spots and smoking skins. They are also specialized in stretch marks and cellulite treatment, slimming massage (Spa), pedicure, manicure, diabetic foot and fungal nails, artificial nails etc. Beau Victoire organizes courses / workshops for small groups as well as in private. The unique part is that they also offer beauty wellness, bridal and maternity packages. They sell products for skincare, body care, foot care and make-up (black skin) and vouchers for wellness treatments. It is called ‘HAMMAM EXPERIENCE’ for total relaxation, skin cleansing and detoxification.

You are also able to enjoy their PRIVATE SAUNA in combination with short facial and/or body scrub. People who wants to loose weight, can make an appointment and will be coached under professional supervision. They have a whole section for LIFE STYLE & FASHION. They offer exclusive jewelry and delivering high fashion clothing (including plus sizes), shoes and bags. For clothing and style advice, they are more than happy to help you.
The list of what is possible for you at your visit is countless. In this special interview after the Voice Achievers Award 2016, the founder, Stephanie Timmerman spoke exclusively to Ayo Ernest Mason for the Voice magazine.

Excerpt from the interview.
TV: Why did you choose to be a skin and beauty specialist?
Stephanie Timmerman: After working at the office for years from Executive Secretary to Municipal Social Service official in the early 90’s and yet another reorganization, I decided to do something completely different. Something where I could make myself and others happy. That was to turn my hobby into my profession and, above all, be my own boss!
Because I start singing at a very young age in a choir and performed regularly in the church and beyond, beauty began to interest me. Hair, nails, makeup, I wanted to look good so I experimented a lot. Unfortunately I was tempted by all those television commercials as a teenager and I started to experiment with various skincare products. At the end it caused me skin damage. I wanted to do something about my problem but first I decided to follow a pedicure course in the evening so I was still able to work during the day at the office. After my graduation, I immediately started an education in the evening as a beautician.
TV: What was the experience like as a student again?
Stephanie Timmerman: There I often told the teacher that our/my black skin cannot use all products despite the fact that I was born here in Netherlands. After this education, I decided to continue my education specifically focused on the black skin and finally followed a congress for Skin Color & Pigmentation. I wanted to do research because most skin therapists or specialists did not know the difference between both skin types. So many clients ended up with a damaged skin, thinner skin or even lost their pigmentation because of the wrong prescribed skin products. Also the right makeup wasn’t always available, so we had it often come from abroad.
After working for several beauty salons, I started my first salon at home for men & women and treated all skin types. Besides the regular treatments, massages, manicure, pedicure etc, I start making pictures of damaged skins and treat them properly. During the weeks and months, they saw improvements. In the meantime (because I like to study) a few colleagues of mine and myself, followed an education to become a teacher in pedicure, skin and body care. In 2008, I became a recognized training company and moved from house to a storefront. Since then you can follow different workshops or courses in private or with a group at Beau Victoire. In our Health Beauty & Wellness center, you can relax enjoying our treatments. Come alone or bring someone with you so we can treat you both. We exclusively work on appointments because every person is special to us and gets our full attention.
TV: What has been the reaction of people that you have helped?
Stephanie Timmerman: After a tip from a colleague, I attended a seminar where a skin therapist, who was specialized in African black skin, told us what products were very bad for black skin. He did a lot of research and wrote a few books. He even showed us pictures of burnt skins, caused by wrong (skincare) products. I decided to work with this specialist and so we sent customers to each other by. We have had a lot of people come from outside the city especially when they are looking for a beautician who is also specialized in treatments for black skin, anti-ageing and microdermabrasion. Sometimes they were send by a friend or overheard someone talks about us at the gym or got our business card on a network event or somewhere else. They are very pleased and sometimes when men have a special hair(y) problem and we could help them out with permanent hair removal, we just made their day!
TV: What kind of customers are coming to your health beauty and wellness center?
Stephanie Timmerman: Different kinds of people and we started the concept of having many services under one roof. Medical and cosmetic skincare, body care, anti-ageing, microdermabrasion, massages, manicure, pedicure, scar treatment, weight management, body contouring & cellulite treatment. Customers with diabetes and rheuma are also visiting us for a special medical pedicure treatment. We even deliver lacewings for medical or cosmetic use. Different nationalities are visiting us; men, women, teens, black & white skin. It depends on their needs. If you have a cosmetic problem which we cannot solve, we can bring you in contact with other specialists. The most important thing is to see you enjoy life, take good care of yourself and give yourself a treat once in a while. Especially now we have a private sauna, you see other customers are coming just for relaxation. We also can do the hair and make-up for men/female models, bride, groom and family. A few years ago I joined a special program for 3 months by accepting discount coupons. It was amazing to see which customers came: doctors, policemen, nurses, coaches, teachers, awesome! If you look on our website you’ll see that we offer an extensive service, so customers can make their own choice. We even offer VIP treatments and RED CARPET service!
TV: What kind of support do you give young people who want to do the same work like you?
Stephanie Timmerman: First of all, you should love your job, go to professional beauty events once in a while, study and practice a lot to know exactly what you are doing. And most of all you have to be patient, show interest in the customer and love people.
TV: What does it mean to you to be a beautician?
Stephanie Timmerman: It is a privilege to put all my knowledge into practice on customers by giving them a good treatment and a satisfied feeling at the end.
TV: How do I know if I have a sensitive skin?
Stephanie Timmerman: Sometimes you think you have a sensitive skin but it isn’t. You just bought the wrong products or you mixed a day crème or night crème with a moisturizer from another brand that isn’t your skin type at all. You should have your skin examined first by a professional beautician so he/she can tell you exactly what kind of skin type you have. It also depends on the weather or when you’re ill, products can work different. Sometimes you have to change products twice a year if your skin demands it. Therefore it is necessary to go to a beautician between 4-6 weeks to keep your skin healthy.
TV: I am sure our readers have learnt more on their skin and thank you for your time
Stephanie Timmerman: You are welcome, please be encouraged and take good care of your skin, it is your beauty.
For more information, visit: www.beauvictoire.nl.
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