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  1. [Deutsche Welle] A country with no political parties and an absolute monarch, critics have called eSwatini's elections a sham. Authorities claim the polls "preserve its very rich cultures and traditions."
  2. [The Herald] Cases of suspected cholera are beginning to decline in Harare following massive interventions put in place by the Government and its partners, Harare City acting health director Dr Clemence Duri has said.
  3. [Observer] Conflicting accounts by Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, Justice Minister Musa Dean and Information Minister Eugene Nagbe over the reported disappearance of 16 billion Liberian dollar banknotes have left the public wondering just who is telling the truth in this matter.
  4. [New Zimbabwe] Harare -The ministry of health says it has managed to contain the cholera outbreak in the capital Harare that has so far killed 32 people and infected 7,000 others.
  5. [New Times] Radisson Blu Hotel & Convention Centre, Kigali, has received a continental award in Best Architectural Design and Best Hotel Development category.