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Buhari On African Independent Television (AIT)

LINGTON 2Repressive rule has only just begun. We do not need a soothsayer to restate the obvious under the existing circumstances. I have often heard Buhari's apologists say he is a turned democrat and this often makes me laugh preferably in Swahili because I remain firm and unshaken in my conviction that try as the leopard might it could never change its spots.

It would be recalled, however, that Buhari on December 31, 1983 overthrew a democratically elected civilian government. No sooner had he done that than the junta under him embarked on remorseless repression that gave many Nigerians agonizing sleepless nights. It was one vast empire characterized by reign of terror. Many Nigerians were thrown in stir on trumped up charges and in the process Nigeria's best brains were killed among whom were Prof. Ambrose Alli, the first executive Governor of the defunct Bendel State. Pa Adekunle Ajasin , Dr. Alex Ekwueme Sam Mbakwe and many others were unduly incarcerated for crimes they did not commit while his kinsmen of northern extraction save Dr. Dikko were briefly detained and left off the hook. These are verifiable facts and may Heaven bear me witness this day!

The promulgation of Decree Number 4 empowered him to gag the press and press freedom was withdrawn and the likes of Tunde Thompson and Nduka Irabor became victims. This took place about three decades ago and the wound inflicted on the minds of Nigerians is gradually being reopened by his recent pronouncements barring Nigeria's premier private television station, African Independent Television (AIT), a media organization characterized by enlightened personnel practices from covering his activities. This is blunder NO 1 - a clear depiction of a brainless doll who knows next to nothing about governance.

One question that agitates the mind of the writer is: What moral justification has Buhari got to ever rule Nigeria again when he ought to be standing trial for being liable to a number of offences? Is Buhari not guilty after the accessory of fact for murdering three young men of Nigerian extraction by retroactive laws at Bar Beach firing range? Bartholomew Owoh, Bernard Ogedengbe and Lawal Ojuolape trafficked in drugs which was a bailable offence as of the time the crime was committed but Buhari went ahead and promulgated Decree Number 20 had it backdated and executed the above-named. Ay, these three young men were executed. This is MURDER in capital letters and Buhari ought to have stood trial and faced the dire consequences of this irredeemable mortal sin!


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President Jonathan appoints Peter Obi and others before hand over date

Goodluck Jonathan1President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has made new appointments barely one month to his hand over of government to a new administration.

In a similar faction, he has relieved the Executive Secretary/Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Dr. Femi Thomas of his appointment with immediate effect. In his place, the President has approved the appointment of Mr. Olufemi A. Akingbade as Acting Executive Secretary/Chief Executive Officer of the NHIS.
Mr. Akingbade who hails from Ekiti State and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science as well as a Master’s in Business Administration was the General Manager, ICT in the NHIS until his new appointment which also takes immediate effect
President Jonathan has also approved the confirmation of Mr. Mounir Haliru Gwarzo as Director-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Mr. Gwarzo who has been acting as Director-General of the Commission, was appointed to the Board of the Securities and Exchange Commission as Executive Commissioner in January, 2013.
Also the list of new appointees by the President is the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi as Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. His appointment is with immediate effect.

 MG 9571

Mr. Peter Obi: New Chairman of the Securities & Exchange Commission
Congratulations to all the new appointees, hoping they would help the new administration in their various capacities to advance Nigeria forward.

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National broadcast by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan , GCFR on the 2015 General elections on Friday, March 27th 2015

GEJ IN ARMY UNIFORMDear Compatriots,
As we prepare to go to the polls tomorrow, I have come before you this morning to express my immense appreciation for the opportunity you gave me to lead this great nation of ours in the past four years.
I also wish to place on record, once again, my sincere gratitude for the support you have given my administration without which the significant progress we have made in recent years would not have been possible.

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President Jonathan appoints eight new minister less than 3 months to go

Musiliu Obanikoro, former minister of state for defence, has been sworn in as the minister of state for foreign affairs II by President Goodluck Jonathan. Obanikoro, who faced a torrid time at the senate during his screening and eventual clearance, was once Nigeria’s ambassador to Ghana.


Obanikoro confirmed as State minister for Defence

Jonathan sworn- in the eight new minsters on today, Wednesday and carried out a minor cabinet reshuffle. Alhassan Khaliru‎ is the new minister of health, replacing Christian Chukwu, a professor who resigned last year and unsuccessfully bid to be governor of Ebonyi state.
Fidelis Nwankwo, an engineer from Ebonyi state, is now the new minister of state for health‎.
Patricia Akwashiki ‎ (Nasarawa) is now minister of information while Nicholas Ada, a professor from Benue, is minister of state foreign affairs I‎.
Augustine Akobundu, a retired colonel from Abia state, is minister of state for defense. ‎Others are: Hauwa’u Lawan Bappa, now minister of state (Niger Delta affairs); Kenneth Kobani, minister of state for industry, trade and investment; Joel Danlami Ikenya, minister of labour.
In his remarks, Jonathan said: “For the ministers, this is an injury time. It is like bringing a player when you have just five minutes to go in a football match. So everyone wants to know what that player will do, the magic the player will perform within that short period. The player himself will be struggling to be at least kick the ball before the end of the game. “So you are coming in at a quite challenging period and I believe that a number of people will not envy you because government is coming to a close. But sometimes it is even good to come at this time because you are now well exposed to Nigerians.
“Your dancing steps will be watched by everybody and ‎we believe you will dance well.”

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Rotimi Amaechi is behind petition against Patience Jonathan at ICC.

PatienceThe All Progressives Congress (APC) through its campaign Director-General for General Buhari (rtd) and Governor of River State, Rotimi Amaechi is the person behind the signed and delivered petition making round in the Nigerian press as a purported indictment of the Nigeria’s First lady, Dame Patience Jonathan before the international criminal court in The Hague.

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Jonathan deserves another four years

Goodluck Jonathan1Continental European Media Summit was recently held in Hamburg Germany facilitated by Kenneth Gbandi of Heritage Media network Germany, the participants representing various fields of human endeavor particularly in the Nigeria media scene in the Diaspora endorsed the candidature of Goodluck Jonathan as a prefer candidate in the 2015 Presidential elections in Nigeria slated for 28th March 2015 because of its track records in the past five years in office.

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We challenge Buhari to a debate

AbatiThe last time Nigerians enjoyed something really close to an exciting Presidential debate was during the 1993 Presidential elections. I recall the colourful and memorable encounter between the late Chief MKO Abiola of the Social Democratic Party and Alhaji Bashir Tofa of the National Republican Convention. At the end of that debate, it was clear who among the duo was better experienced, much more intellectually capable and more endearing to the electorate in terms of readiness for the job being applied for. That is what a debate, under these circumstances, is: it is a job interview.

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A call to participate on your health issues

 MG 9370There is the popular adage that’s says health is wealth and for that simple reason, Stichting Ramaya has put together a series of health education program for enlightening immigrant communities living in the Amsterdam area on their health conditions.
According to the coordinator of the Project, Jerry Sulaiman, Africans form a greater part of the Immigrant group living in Amsterdam, it is estimated that there are more than 10,000 Africans living in the Netherlands and the majority of them resides in Amsterdam particularly Southeast area.

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Prof. Attahiru Jega: A Man of integrity?

JegaThe enormous task of superintending over the electoral affairs of any country, particularly a country where the democratic culture is just beginning to take root and one where elections take on a life of their own, requires, forthrightness, dexterity, diplomacy and above all else, a mega dose of integrity. The electoral umpire must in addition to being imbued with high level of personal integrity also, and equally importantly, be perceived by the generality of the electorate and interested parties as being a person of integrity. The reality and perception of integrity must converge on the electoral umpire. Where such convergence is not found, there is the likelihood that whatsoever outcomes produced by such electoral umpire will be viewed with suspicion by some parties to the election and may eventually lead to unsavory events including violence.

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TAN Netherlands appeals for peaceful elections in Nigeria and supports GEJ reelection bid

tn IMG 0017

Despite the cold weather in the Netherlands, many Nigerians turned out in front of the International Criminal Court (ICC) under the Dutch police scrutiny to organize a peace, solidarity and support rally in support of the current Nigerian government under President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in ensuring a peaceful, non-violent, free, fair and credible election come 28th March and 11th of April 2015.

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Historic Peace March for Nigeria holds in the Belgian City of Ostend

peaceThe Belgian coastal city of Ostend is playing host on Saturday 28 February 2015 to an unprecedented Peace March for Nigeria. Marchers are expected from all nooks and corners of Belgium and the neighboring countries of The Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom to join forces with a coalition of more than 25 civil society organizations and 5 major political parties in Belgium to show solidarity to the 'good but victimized people of Nigeria' as described by Collins Nweke, founder and coordinator of the March.
Jean Vandecasteele, Mayor of Ostend will be on hand to deliver an inspirational welcome address at the commencement of the March at the steps of the City Hall.
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Stichting Paddi Europa full meaning is People against drugs dependence and Ignorance (Paddi). It came into existence in August 1995, and its formal registration as a not-for-profit organization in September 1997, People against Drug Dependence & Ignorance (PADDI) has organized several segments of our Public Awareness Lecture Series (PALS) across the geographical zones of Nigeria. We target out-of-school youths that are highly susceptible to the scourge of substance & drug abuse and its antecedent societal problems (such as HIV/AIDS). We organize specialized sessions of public awareness campaigns where parents of youths are targeted in PADDI PALS programs.
The Voice Newsmagazine,
PADDI has also been involved in Legislative Advocacy on issues of substance abuse reduction strategies and policies. A Position Paper on Better Practices in Substance Abuse Reduction was published and distributed to State and Federal Legislators and policy makers in Nigeria. This publication was immediately followed by the organization of a conference (by PADDI in collaboration with the Committees on Drugs, Narcotics and Financial Crimes of the Senate and Federal House of Representatives in Nigeria). The Conference, successfully, sought to impress upon Nigerian Legislators and policy makers on the need to realign our substance abuse reduction strategies with democratic tenets and practices as in civilized societies.
Our achievements include opening Paddi offices in Johannesburg with the government of South Africa fully registering our foundation as a recognised network in an effort to eradicate ignorance in our societies. 
In the Netherlands, we have continued to gathered information materials through Dutch institutions and the Ministry of Health, the police service and the local health service (GGG&D) and from the church organisations. Such materials are distributed to these African countries to help them formulate their own policies on how to tackle some of the problems associated with health care.
In February 2003, the foundation started discussions with an NGO in the Gambia, Children Protection Alliance on how to tackle the problem of child abandonment in the country which is very high. We had since helped many children either found a new home of reconnected to their families.
Stichting Paddi Europa continues to assist existing NGOs and newly established ones to get information on developmental matters in the Netherlands.
The biggest achievement of Paddi was the established of The Voice magazine in August of 1999, first as an instrument of educating, informing and entertaining the public. It has become a household name in Holland and the rest of Europe.
The Voice Achievers Award 
The Voice Achievers Award is to recognize Africans of outstanding achievement on a yearly basis. That of 2015 will cut across the whole of Africa. Be on the lookout please
The Voice Magazine is the First and the biggest African news Magazine published in The Netherlands. It was established in August 1999 to provide a voice for the African communities in The Netherlands and African people in the Diaspora at large. We have in every sense of commitment, engaged in this noble course over the years.
Over these years, we rose to a professional and moral call to unveil Africa to Europe and the rest of the world from the perspective of the African people. Being the first formal African News Magazine published in the Benelux region of Europe, we have reviewed the tremendous development and growth within Africa over the period. 
tn MG 0066
The Editorial Board of the Magazine has constituted an Award Committee that would under strict but objective appraisal; nominate distinguished Africans and friends of Africa, worthy of appreciation and Honour at our forthcoming “The Voice Achievers Award 2015” in the Netherlands. 
It is intended that this Award ceremony will be annual to encourage Africans and friends of Africa in various fields of human endeavours to do more and attain an outstanding status. We are in no way saying these people we have chosen are the best but they do have outstanding quality that we are proud to present to the public. 
“The Voice Achievers Award’ is programmed to be a spectacular media and mentoring event. The award is designed to serve to mentor people to aspire for excellence in all facets of human activities. It is a mixture of young and older minds being rewarded on the same platform.
This Award is unique because it will offer not only recognition per excellence to the winners but will also create an opportunity to meet other professionals and entrepreneurs from other communities in an interactive atmosphere to exchange new ideas.
We shall recognize governments, institutions, entrepreneurs as well as charities, social enterprises and those businesses that are making proven positive social or economic impact on Africans or a particular country in this contest.
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About us

About the Voice magazine

The Voice magazine is editorially independent although it enjoys the support of its readers, subscribers, advertisers, non-¬governmental organizations and in¬dividuals of like minds; however the magazine and its publishers are in no way af¬filiated to any of these bodies or to any other -publishing institution or political interest or group.

The Voice magazine strives to foster awareness among the African audience and bridge the widening gap between Africans and the rest of the world in news gathering and dissemination.

The Voice is published once every month and distributed for FREE within Holland and a subscription fees for those who wants the magazine posted to their address.

On the Editorial board are Elvis Iruh, ¬Jonathan Mgbejume, Sandra Iruh-Monsels, and Henry Oduenyi

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Peter Obi in Amsterdam for Nigerian Dialogue meeting

The Voice News magazineHis Excellency. Former Governor of Anambra State of Nigeria, Chief Peter Obi is attending a crucial town hall like meeting tagged "Nigerian Dialogue in Amsterdam on Sunday 15th February 2015 on the invitation of the Voice News Magazine in a series of plan dialogue with Nigerians in the Diaspora.



Guest Speaker: Peter Obi

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Obasanjo's unwarranted attack on President Jonathan is odious, repugnant and self -serving

b2ap3_thumbnail_Obasanjo.jpgWe find the false claims and allegations reportedly made against President Goodluck Jonathan by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo on Saturday in Abeokuta very odious and repugnant.

As we have had cause to say before, it is most regrettable indeed that a man like Chief Obasanjo, who should know better, chooses to repeatedly, wantonly, and maliciously impugn the integrity of a sitting President of his country for the primary purpose of self-promotion.


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Nigeria Electoral Commission has postponed the February 14 general elections for six weeks.

Attahiru-JegaNigeria Electoral Commission has postponed the February 14 general elections for six weeks. The announcement of a multinational military offensive to regain territory in northeast Nigeria currently held by radical Islamic insurgency, Boko Haram, reportedly lead to the commission's decision to delay what many have argued will be the most contentious election in Nigeria's democratic history.
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Mozambique: Mambas Coach Joao Chissano Confident of Doing Well

Mambas coach Joao Chissano said he has impressed it upon his players not to balk under pressure of the big stage when Mozambique take on Bafana Bafana in the CHAN opener at Cape Town stadium on Saturday, 11 January 2014.

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