Stichting Paddi Europa full meaning is People against drugs dependence and Ignorance (Paddi). It came into existence in August 1995, and its formal registration as a not-for-profit organization in September 1997, People against Drug Dependence & Ignorance (PADDI) has organized several segments of our Public Awareness Lecture Series (PALS) across the geographical zones of Nigeria. We target out-of-school youths that are highly susceptible to the scourge of substance & drug abuse and its antecedent societal problems (such as HIV/AIDS). We organize specialized sessions of public awareness campaigns where parents of youths are targeted in PADDI PALS programs.
The Voice Newsmagazine,
PADDI has also been involved in Legislative Advocacy on issues of substance abuse reduction strategies and policies. A Position Paper on Better Practices in Substance Abuse Reduction was published and distributed to State and Federal Legislators and policy makers in Nigeria. This publication was immediately followed by the organization of a conference (by PADDI in collaboration with the Committees on Drugs, Narcotics and Financial Crimes of the Senate and Federal House of Representatives in Nigeria). The Conference, successfully, sought to impress upon Nigerian Legislators and policy makers on the need to realign our substance abuse reduction strategies with democratic tenets and practices as in civilized societies.
Our achievements include opening Paddi offices in Johannesburg with the government of South Africa fully registering our foundation as a recognised network in an effort to eradicate ignorance in our societies. 
In the Netherlands, we have continued to gathered information materials through Dutch institutions and the Ministry of Health, the police service and the local health service (GGG&D) and from the church organisations. Such materials are distributed to these African countries to help them formulate their own policies on how to tackle some of the problems associated with health care.
In February 2003, the foundation started discussions with an NGO in the Gambia, Children Protection Alliance on how to tackle the problem of child abandonment in the country which is very high. We had since helped many children either found a new home of reconnected to their families.
Stichting Paddi Europa continues to assist existing NGOs and newly established ones to get information on developmental matters in the Netherlands.
The biggest achievement of Paddi was the established of The Voice magazine in August of 1999, first as an instrument of educating, informing and entertaining the public. It has become a household name in Holland and the rest of Europe.
The Voice Achievers Award 
The Voice Achievers Award is to recognize Africans of outstanding achievement on a yearly basis. That of 2015 will cut across the whole of Africa. Be on the lookout please
The Voice Magazine is the First and the biggest African news Magazine published in The Netherlands. It was established in August 1999 to provide a voice for the African communities in The Netherlands and African people in the Diaspora at large. We have in every sense of commitment, engaged in this noble course over the years.
Over these years, we rose to a professional and moral call to unveil Africa to Europe and the rest of the world from the perspective of the African people. Being the first formal African News Magazine published in the Benelux region of Europe, we have reviewed the tremendous development and growth within Africa over the period. 
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The Editorial Board of the Magazine has constituted an Award Committee that would under strict but objective appraisal; nominate distinguished Africans and friends of Africa, worthy of appreciation and Honour at our forthcoming “The Voice Achievers Award 2015” in the Netherlands. 
It is intended that this Award ceremony will be annual to encourage Africans and friends of Africa in various fields of human endeavours to do more and attain an outstanding status. We are in no way saying these people we have chosen are the best but they do have outstanding quality that we are proud to present to the public. 
“The Voice Achievers Award’ is programmed to be a spectacular media and mentoring event. The award is designed to serve to mentor people to aspire for excellence in all facets of human activities. It is a mixture of young and older minds being rewarded on the same platform.
This Award is unique because it will offer not only recognition per excellence to the winners but will also create an opportunity to meet other professionals and entrepreneurs from other communities in an interactive atmosphere to exchange new ideas.
We shall recognize governments, institutions, entrepreneurs as well as charities, social enterprises and those businesses that are making proven positive social or economic impact on Africans or a particular country in this contest.

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